Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oracle announces Future BI strategy

On 22nd March, Oracle announced their BI strategy, which has left more people confused about their BI strategy.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite will now consists of the following key products:

1) Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (EE), and
2) Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Standard Edition (SE)

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (EE) consists of Siebel Analytics, Oracle Intelligent Dashboards, and some future products like Oracle Mobile Analytics and Briefing Books.

More details can be got from the following Oracle site:

Now, Oracle was already developing the next generation Analytic tool called Enterprise Planning and Budgeting which was supposed to be a replacement of Oracle Financial Analyzer and Sales Analyzer. But, with the aquisition of Siebel, I feel Oracle did not want to waste Siebel Analytics which is a gem of a product. Although it has left many wondering which is going to be the product which Oracle will ultimately push for. For the time being it seems Siebel Analytics is a better prospect than EPB. Another product which looks promising is Oracle Intelligent Dashboards, this product as of now looks superior to Oracle Portal, as one can manipulate reports and perform analysis within the dashboard itself.

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Standard Edition (SE) consists of Oracle BI Discoverer, Oracle BI Spreadsheet Add-in, Oracle BI Warehouse Builder, Oracle BI Beans and Oracle Reports. The Standard Edition Suite seems to consist of Oracle's existing Business Intelligence 10g products. For customers wishing to go in for a BI solution on their existing Oracle database, Standard Edition (SE) suite seems to be a better bet as of now. However, Siebel Analytic of Enterprise Edition (EE) suite can also be used, as it can handle relational, Oracle Olap, MDX data source and Siebel Analytic server data. I feel the catch will be in the pricing strategy that Oracle will adopt for both the product suites.

The webcasts can be heard from the following site:

1)Oracle Vision and Strategy (26 min.) by Charles Phillips, President, Oracle

2)The Business Intelligence Landscape (11 min.) by Henry D. Morris, Group Vice President and General Manager, Integration, Development and Application Strategies, IDC

3)Oracle BI Platform and Analytics Tools Oracle BI Platform and Analytics Tools (63 min.) by Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President, Oracle

4)BI Across the Enterprise (48 min.) by Steve Miranda, Senior Vice President, Oracle

I feel businesses are by and large conservative in nature when it comes to IT spending, so Oracle has to put in a lot of effort in marketing the new Enterprise Edition (EE) suite, while they already have a good customer base of customers using Discoverer, OWB, BI Beans and Oracle Reports. So, oracle will continue to support and develop their existing BI products along with the new products it has acquired from Siebel. Though, this will create a bit of confusion and self-cannibalization among Oracle's own product lines, but i think there is no way out as Oracle cannot kill any of their existing BI products or stop developing and supporting the recently acquired ones either. So in all interesting times for Oracle BI consultants and for customers who now have a wide variety of Oracle BI produts at their disposal to select and work upon.


Marian Crkon said...


That's an interesting article. The way I understand Oracle's post-acquisition strategy is that they will keep the existing sets of applications and tools (until 2013 in most cases), and meanwhile, they will keep developing new releases with "best features" from the existing Oracle and acquired products.

While in short term, this strategy will create a lot of redundancies, it will keep the customers happy. New releases should give people "compelling reasons" to switch earlier than 2013. Actually, I am beginning to think this might work out.


PS: By the way, your links do not work in this post.

Krishanu Bose said...

Hi Marian,

I feel Oracle's strategy would be to get the most out of the new product aquistions (as they have spent heavily in acquiring them), along with continuing with the existing Oracle products (primarily of BI 10g site). To my knowledge many customers are confused on Oracle's current BI strategy and future BI focus, which is yet to be addressed by Oracle. I think, this confusion is bound to happen when we have multiple products trying to provide the same BI solution to the customer.

The links are working now for this post. Thanks for pointing the same.


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