Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Features in Approving Expense Reports in Oracle Internet Expense (iExpense) using AME

Following features are new in R12 Oracle Internet Expense if you are using AME for Manager Expense report approval.
1. Parallel Approval
With Parallel Approvals, you will be able to route approvals in parallel when expense reports are charged to multiple cost centers, multiple projects, or multiple awards. This will streamline the approvals process and thus ensure users are reimbursed as quickly as possible.
2. FYI Notification
Now, you will be able to define rules in AME to send FYI notifications to managers and others who should be informed of expenses charged to their area of authority, but who do not need to approve the expense report.
3. Aggregation of Amount
You will be able to route expense approvals based on the aggregated amounts charged to cost centers or projects. The approval notification will show both the total amount to be approved, and how much of each expense was charged to the area of approval authority. This feature will ensure that proper approval authority is enforced when an expense report is allocated to many different cost centers, projects, or awards.


sid said...

Is it possible for an approver to modify/edit an expense report?

Thanks in advance for your reply and consideration.

Krishanu Bose said...

Approver can approve or else reject back the expense report. He can request for more information required for approval as well. But it is not advisable for approver to have access to modify/edit the expense report. However, you can customize the approval workflow to provide this feature.

Anonymous said...

I have a situation where Expense reports to be approved by people who are not employee of the company using Oracle Apps. What is your view on this ? - Mail to :

Nic said...

I audit expense reports full time and work in iEXP 95% of the time. When we went live with r12, my then manager felt that there weren't enough changes from 11i to R12 to need training. I've tried researching the application online in hopes to find a site where there's open conversation from others that can relate. Would you be able to point me in the right direction? Many thanks to anything you can provide!

Sridevi Koduru said...

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