Sunday, August 31, 2008

Importing Payments and Paid Invoices into Oracle - Oracle needs to provide an API

How many of us had a requirement of importing paid invoices and their corressponding payment details to Oracle? I would say many. But strangely till date there in no straight forward method to import payments into Oracle. I feel its time that Oracle comes up with a standard process like an API to handle this business need.
There are a few workarounds to this scenario. A direct update of Oracle base table is one but this comes with the risk of losing support from Oracle.
The other, more robust way would be to use the manual payment feature of Oracle to record such payments that have been already done in the earlier system. However, automating this process using a batch program is a challenge.
Do put in your comments in case you have a soultion to this problem which would help a lot of people out there.


Gareth said...



Krishanu Bose said...

Thanks Gareth. I had seen your posting in the forum. But this is a standard procedure, and my feeling is Oracle should try and put in a place a public API to address this generic needs faced by most of us when we go in for payments conversion.


Anonymous said...

Can XML gateway interface used for this scenario? I am not an expert but was under the impression that XML Gateway provides rich interface to integrate with other systems (including custom programs) using xml messaging.

Krishanu Bose said...

XML invoices that are sent electronically from supplier can be processed through the Oracle XML Gateway. However, by using this gateway you do not get any additional API's for invoice import.


Murali said...

Any luck on how to import Payments without impacting Support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krishanu Bose,

We have the same requirement to load paid invoices to AP. Can you give us some ideas on how to solve this?


Anonymous said...


Any workaround to bring the paid invoices, Payments to AP.


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Tobin Joseph said...


Please let me know if there is any workaround like custom API to bring the paid invoices, Payments to AP.


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