Thursday, December 29, 2011

Invoice Image Processing Architecture in Fusion Payables

Fusion Payables is tightly integrated with Oracle Document Capture (ODC), Oracle Imaging and Process Management (IPM), Oracle Content Management and Oracle BPEL process Manager to provide a seamlessly integrated solution supporting the entire payables cycle starting from scanning of physical invoices, invoice image recognizition using OCR to pre-populate invoice header, routing of the scanned invoices to AP entry specialists and subsequent approval and payment of invoices. Oracle is the only vendor in the market today offering a fully integrated solution without the use of third party bolt-on solutions.

Once the invoice arrives in a centralized mail room, the imaging specialist would sort and prepare the invoices based on parameters like invoice amount, due date, supplier, etc. and then scan these invoices using ODC. Next the images are automatically sent to Forms Recognition for intelligent recognition to extract key invoice header data like PO number, Supplier, Invoice Number, Invoice Amount and Invoice Date from scanned images using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. Once the key header data recognition is completed, the invoice images are sent to Oracle Imaging and Process Management for storage and subsequent routing to accounts payable invoice entry specialists using Oracle BPEL Process Manager workflows. The BPEL process is generated whenever an invoice image is saved successfully in Imaging and Process Management, and this image is then routed to the AP invoice entry operator based on pre-configured rules like invoice amount, supplier, etc. The AP specialist views the scanned image and then fills up the remaining fields of the invoice to kick-off the subsequent process of invoice validation, approval, accounting and payment.


Ruby Claire said...
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maaitconsultants said...

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Anonymous said...
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Haily Deeks said...

I really enjoyed looking at invoice image processing architecture image. I think that its important to understand what it means. I think that many people are interested on learning more about it.

Saurabh said...

What are the configurations required to achieve this functionality?

Sridevi Koduru said...

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Sumit Ghose said...

We have a Customer Requirement to access this Invoice Scan Image which is stored in Oracle Webcenter as part of this Solution in Fusion Payable.

Customer wants to access this image in their BI or PM Tool. Basically, it is acceptable by Customer if we can provide access through URL to access that Invoice Scan Image.

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